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Whether you need a one-off deep clean service or you want to raise your cleaning regime to a higher, more professional level, we can help.

Cleaning Contractors have brought together the very best in technology to help fight and prevent contamination in the workplace. We have teamed up with an innovative new technology called Resysten- a photocatalytic coating which reacts with light to protect treated surfaces for periods of up to a year. We believe this new coating system will play a major role in the battle to minimise the spread of infections by protecting all major touchpoints in a retail or workplace environment.


Resysten® coating system


Any surface that people come into contact with should be considered a possible risk. Infections can be spread by touching surfaces infected with pathogens. Every surface touched by a person poses a potential health risk whether it be in the office , retail or hospitality sector.

By using the Resysten® photocatalytic hygiene coating system, biological contaminants are unable to survive on a treated surface.


The photocatalytic properties of Resysten® destroys contamination, and begins a reaction with the components which disables the contaminations activation. This leads to their destruction and chemical breakdown.


Resysten 3 Step Process:

Store Visit

We conduct a store visit to agree which high traffic areas are to be treated. A quote is drawn up based on sq. meters of surfaces to be covered.  

Resysten Application

Our trained staff spray Resysten liquid with specialist equipment. The duration of the process will be relayed to store management and at a time / date that is least disruptive to trade.

Audit and Follow Up

Our staff will agree a series of follow up audits to monitor and test the efficacy of Resysten, These audits will be shared with store management.

Advantages of the coating system



Over 90% reductionat the rate of biological contaminants on the treated surface.



Reductionhigh reduction of VOC emission (e.g.: Ammonia), and NH3, N2O, CO2, CH4 as well.



Formulaintegrates to the host medium at a molecular level, cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods.


Active protection

FormulaApplicable on any surface with special spraying technology – coating is colourless and odourless.


Quality control


The effectiveness of Resysten® technology is tested by ATP meter (adenosine triphosphate) measurement on a treated surface. The instrument numerically displays the amount of organic matter on the surface. This is defined as the RLU = Relative Light Unit. The intensity of light generated during ATP degradation is proportional to the amount of organic matter on the surface.

Our services comply with the ISO framework, are internationally accepted.


The lower the RLU value, the cleaner the surface.

We’re here to keep your premises clean 365 days a year - so business can continue as normal.

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