When Is The Best Time To Clean Your Office?

Having a clean and hygienic workplace is key to running a successful business.

A clean workplace creates a healthier environment for your employees and helps your company become more efficient and productive.

Cluttered desks, dishes, and leftover food are some of the most common items that lead to a messy workspace.

Offices are a thriving ground for bacteria. In fact, more than 10 million bacteria are on a typical office desk. That’s a whopping 400 times more than on the average toilet seat.

Simply sitting at their desks puts your employees at risk of illness. But with the proper cleaning routine, this risk is reduced.

Clean office spaces will show your employees that you care about their well-being. This will lead to a more satisfied, motivated, and productive staff.

So, we know that keeping a clean office is important, but how often does it need to be cleaned, and when is the best time to do it?

You’ll find out everything you need to know below!

Is it better to have your office cleaned in the evening or the morning?

Evening and morning cleaning come with their own individual advantages, and there isn’t necessarily one that’s better than the other.

In fact, picking between the two is a matter of preference. It will also usually depend on your employees’ working hours.

If your employees arrive in the office at the crack of dawn, hiring a cleaning team to come in the evening may be the best option.

If cleaners are moving about in the morning, it might distract workers and stop them from getting into a productive mindset for the day ahead.

Cleaners may even feel pressured to get out of your employees’ way, leading to them rushing. This means the office space won’t be cleaned correctly. In the evening, cleaners have time to do a more thorough job when no one is around.

But, if your employees work flexible hours, morning cleaning may be a better option as many workers could stay in the office till late into the evening.

Morning cleaning also means your office is as fresh as it can be and sparkling clean when your employees arrive. It smells fresh and is a comfortable place for employees to start the day with nothing to distract their productivity.

How often should your office be cleaned?

How often your office needs cleaning will depend on its size and the number of people who pass through daily.

Every office has different cleaning requirements. For example, your company might have a lot of carpets. In that case, you should schedule your office cleaning more often than a workspace with less or no carpeting. This is because bacteria and allergens get trapped in carpet much easier than on a laminate or wooden floor.

A small office space with only a few employees should be cleaned weekly, whereas a medium-sized business usually needs cleaning three times a week.

Large businesses will most likely need cleaning daily. If the office is particularly large, it may need cleaning twice daily, especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

The benefits of hiring a cleaning service

There are many great benefits of hiring an office cleaner. Here are our top three:

1. Increases employee productivity

Cluttered and untidy spaces make it hard for your employees to concentrate. When employees can’t focus on their work or become distracted by a messy office, it seriously impacts their productivity.

Keeping your office tidy and organised eliminates distractions and makes it easier for employees to concentrate on tasks.

A clean workplace also increases productivity by cutting down on employee sick days. Thanks to all the nasty bacteria and germs around the office, your workers have a greater chance of getting ill.

Making office cleanliness a priority helps keep your employees healthy all year round so they can do their best at work.

2. Makes a good impression on clients

In the business world, first impressions mean a lot. The way you keep your office is one of the first things new clients will notice. A cluttered and untidy space sends all the wrong signals. It might even be a red flag for some clients!

If you want to make a great first impression, your office must be tidy and clean. When your workplace looks appealing and welcoming, it increases the chance of new clients wanting to do business with you.

When they notice your dedication to keeping your office clean, they’ll feel confident that you also pay close attention to your work.

3. Reduces hazards

Illness isn’t the only risk that comes with an unclean workplace. Injuries are another big concern. Slips and falls are much more common in cluttered and unorganised office spaces.

Even worse, an untidy office could slow down your employees as they try to leave the building in an emergency such as a fire.

When your employees are faced with cluttered hallways and stacked paper boxes, it can slow down their journey to safety or even cause them to trip. This puts your employees’ safety in serious jeopardy.

Keeping paperwork filed in a separate space ensures your workers have a clear path to an emergency exit.

We hope this blog has helped you understand the importance of keeping a clean workplace and given you some insight into the best time of the day to clean your office.

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